Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Please join us, next Thursday, May 9th , 2013, 3:00 p.m. in 3340 Moore Hall, UCLA

Dr. Arnove discusses what it takes for a youthful talent to become world-class talent. He will underline themes from his latest book, describing how teachers and students raised performance to peak levels in classical music and conducting, jazz, opera, dance, chess, mathematics, swimming and diving, and the culinary arts.

How can youthful talent become world-class talent?
· What was it like to learn conducting from Leonard Bernstein?
· What did seven-time gold medalist Mark Spitz learn from the world's foremost swim coach?
· What do the performance and teaching' careers of string virtuosos Josef Gingold and Janos Starker tell us about the development of prodigious talent?
· How have modern dance pioneers such as Martha Graham inspired the careers of director/choreographers Jennifer Muller, Tina Ramirez, David Parsons, and Sylvia Waters?
· How did Chicago's Charlie Trotter and. Rick Bayless become two of the world's top chefs?

"A wonderful examination of gifted people and the variety of circumstances responsible for their greatness. Musicians, athletes, mathematicians, and chefs speak to us about their lives, attitudes, and work in an exceptionally personal way. Talent Abounds gives us all a glimpse into the inner world of exceptional human beings."
—Andre Watts, piano virtuoso

"An exciting book to read from cover to cover, showing all of us that if we honor and utilize our natural gifts and combine them with hard work and high ideals, we can make a contribution to others. Talent Abounds should be required reading for all young people."
—David Amram, composer and jazz musician

"A most important contribution to the discovery and development of talent. Parents and teachers should not miss this book if they want to ensure that highly talented children reach their true potential. Provocative and fascinating."
—Henry M. Levin, Teachers College, Columbia University

"I loved reading the parts about Mark Spitz and Coach Counsilman as much as reading about Virginia Zeani. Best of all, Talent Abounds will help me be a better teacher."
—Sylvia McNair, internationally acclaimed soprano

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