Monday, May 20, 2013

RAC in the wilderness 2013, in Lake Casitas , Ventura, CA.

During three days, between May 17 to May 19, it happened the annual RAC (Research Apprentice Course) in the wilderness lead by Professor Carlos Torres. We returned to  Lake Casitas, Ventura, in California. RAC is a seminar where all Professor Torres's advisees share and present their research. It's been a tradition, that every Spring quarter instead of having our seminar in classroom, we go camping.
The first day, MA students discussed their research, and Saturday, it was the the time of doctoral students to share their own .
Thanks for all who participated in this wonderful trip.

MA students' seminar
camp fire
MA students preparing breakfast.

Exercise! (thanks to our coaches!)
The lake

Saturday's RAC with doctoral students.

After discussion, time to a boat-trip

Korean BBQ
Saturday singing circle 

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