Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PFI participation at "By the People: Democracy Conference 2015"

Arizona State University Campus

Outcomes of the Paulo Freire Institute's contributions to diversifying the UNESCO discourse on Global Citizenship Education were presented by PFI officer Susan Wiksten at the Participatory Democracy, Civic Engagement and Citizenship Education Conference held at Arizona State University December 3rd-5th, 2015.

The conference was organized by Professor Daniel Schugurensky, an expert in participatory budgeting that is a currently growing movement in the US. Among the international participants to the conference were PFI visiting scholar Professor Krejsler from Aarhus Unviersity who provided a presentation analyzing comparatively trends in educational policies in US and Europe. Professor Lynette Schultz from Alberta University contributed in the same panel as this years PFI representation with a critical problematization of current UNESCO policy formulations pertinent to conceptualizing Global Citizenship Education.

Presentation slides:  
Global Citizenship Education: A Comparative Political Economy of Education Perspective

More about the conference:
By The People 2015

Susan Wiksten and Helena Krejsler

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