Friday, February 27, 2015



The Californian Association of Freirean Educators (CAFE), and the Paulo Freire Institute UCLA will proudly host the 13th annual CAFE conference on April 24th and 25th at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  This year’s conference will engage the theme of “Education and Immigration”.

Throughout the world, people are on the move.  Whether in search of opportunities for advancement, escaping conflict in search of peace, for business, schooling, and a range of other reasons, people are changing locations and doing so in large numbers.  Politically, economically and culturally significant, the impact of immigration is crucial in educational contexts.  Shifting populations are changing the demographic makeup of the most populous cities throughout the developed world, and are therefore changing the makeup of the students in our schools. The influx of persons of various linguistic, religious, and ethnic orientations presents a direct challenge to educators at all levels, from teachers and practitioners, to policy makers and theorists. 

CAFÉ 2015 will draw from a scholarship of nationally renowned scholars and practitioners and foster an open, collaborative and creative space to critically analyze issues related to immigration within education in the local and global context.  The Conference will include lectures, panels, teacher training workshops, artworks and other spaces for participants to dialogue. 

We welcome the submission of abstract from scholars, students, educators and activists that are engaged in research, policy and practices that educate, shape and/or challenge issues related to immigration and education using a social justice framework.  

For more information: CAFE CALL 2015

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