Monday, October 20, 2014

Paulo Freire Institute Open House
October 20th 6 - 8 pm, Extreme Pizza, Glendon Avenue Westwood Village.
Participants: Professor Carlos Alberto Torres, Joaquin Noguera, Susan Wiksten, Laura Park, Yann-Ru Ho, Abdurhman Alzayed, Angelina Sánchez Martí
  • Introduction of the mission and vision of the PFI - a free space for thought and collegial exchanges, a place for learning from each-other.
  • Introduction of participants.
  • Brief intellectual history of Paulo Freire and key Freire publication provided by Professor Torres.
  • Discussion of possible themes for Cafe conference in April/May 2015
  • Practical aspects of Cafe conference
  • Discussion on Freire and the use of related pedagogies in different teacher training traditions (Spain, Taiwan).
  • Discussion on similar approaches by Nikolaj Grundtvig in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland)
  • Vote/poll on potential themes for cafe conference (see results below)
  • Discussion on culture circles

Votes: 0     The Common Core and Freire, the competetive approach revisited.
Votes:3      Let a thousand flowers bloom (or variation of this)
Votes:2      Organic Freire (there is no single “right” way of doing Freirean pedagogy,
                       grassroots, ecological approaches, rethoric of organic versus          
Votes:1     Freire and ethics (shifts towards human rights development discourse, what
                       does diversity and varieties of local values mean in a context of Freirean        
Votes:2      Freire and Globalization

Tentative next meeting possibly Nov. 23rd, will need to be confirmed

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