Friday, April 18, 2014

CAFE 2014, Friday's program

Dear participants, 

Please note that today our morning presentations are happening in GSEIS Building (north campus).
After 2 pm, the presentations will be on Moore Hall. 

Friday, April 18, Program

9:00-9:15 am: Welcome by Dr. Louis Gomez (Chair of the UCLA Department of Education), GSEIS Building, 121

9:15-10:50 am: Presentation Sessions 1 (2 paralel sessions):
a) - Race and Education through media and classroom experiences, GSEIS Building 121
Rhymes to Educate Minds: Urban Youth's Use of Socially Conscious Hip Hop in the Pico Youth and Family Center, Diane Romo (Student, UCLA)
Racial Spectacles and Campus Climate: The intersection of US Media representations and racial stereotype formation among Asian international students, Zack Ritter (Ph.D , American Jewish Univeristy), Kenneth Roth (PhD candidate, UCLA)
Asian American Critical Race Epistemology: Telling our story through state curriculum standards, Michael Ishimoto (Doctoral Student, UCLA)
- Session Chair: Jeongwoo Lee

b) - Critical Race Theory and Freirean Pedagogy, GSEIS Building 245
The Quest for Social Justice Education in "Pacified" Rio Favelas: A Counter-Narrative Approach-A CRT Analysis of Empowering and Liberatory Youth , Veriene Melo (PhD Student, UCLA GSEIS)
Contact Improvisation meets Critical Race Theory: Arts-Based Radical Pedagogy for Healthy Self- Identit y, Sara Murdock (Doctoral Student, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance)
Freirean-feminist Pedagogy: Coming Soon to a City Near You, Nina Flores (PhD Student, UCLA Urban Planning) 
- Session Chair: Winmar Way

11 am-12:35 pm: Presentation and Panel Sessions 2: (2 paralel sessions)

-a)  Race, Racism and Discrimination in the United States, GSEIS Building 121
Out of the Shadows: English Language Learners, Jessica Guzman (Education for Tomorrow) 
Oppression in Sheep's Clothing, Elizabeth Arias (MAT TESOL) 
Coming Out Undocumented through the Virtual Public Sphere: Critical Interventions from the Undocumented Immigrant Youth Activis Movement , Chantiri Ramirez Resendiz (Graduate Student, UCLA Chicana and Chicano Studies)
- Session Chair: Inês Sacchetti

b) - Race and Ethnicity in academia, GSEIS Building 245
From the Dominant to the Minority: Race Issues from an International Student's Perspective , Fang-Tzu Hsu (PhD Student, UCLA GSEIS) 
The Muscular Dream of the Third World Liberation Front: Contextualizing the Creation of Revolutionary Pedagogy in Ethnic Studies , Ziza Delgado (PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley) 
Islamaphobia in academia: Examining discourses used against the divestment movement ,Karrem Elzein (Phd Student, UCLA GSEIS), Jason Dorio (PhD Student, UCLA GSEIS)
- Session Chair: Jason Dorio

12:35-2:15: Break Lunch

12:35-1:30 pm: Artwork and Poster Gallery I, GSEIS Building 121:
- Untold Stories 
Todo Por Familia , Claribel Valdovinos (UCLA Latin American Studies)
Borders and Badges: How children make sense of detention and deportation through art, Silvia Rodriquez (Graduate Student, UCLA) 
"I am a Gang Member not a Gang Bange r," Kathy Mariscal (McNair Research Scholar, UCLA

2:15-4 pm :  Educators' Workshop I, Moore Hall Reading Room 3340
• ICE/ El Hielo: A Historical Context for Immigration, Raids, Deportation and DREAMS, (5.1) lead by Dr. Susana Flores (Central Washington University)

4:-6 pm : Keynote Presentation:
• Keynote: Critical Race and Freirean Pedagogy: Using Generative Codes to Teach About Race and Racism (6.1): Dr. Daniel Solorzano (UCLA) 

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