Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/5-8/9 PFI Summer Program-the last week (1)

This was the last week of PFI summer program.
Thanks for all who participated, everything you do make the program different. No matter where you  are from; no matter who you are.
We had a wonderful time in these four weeks. We hope to see you soon.

Professor Penny Burke and students
Professor Chitra Golestani's class.
Professor Christina Christie's class discussed standardized tests.

Professor Lauren Misiaszek's group activity
Professor Aly Juma's group activity

On Wednesday night , we had our farewell dinner. Professor and students shared emotional moments

Professor Carlos Alberto Torres read his poems
Taiwanese students sang the song"感恩的心(A heart with thanksgiving)"
Danish students, representing all the students, made a speech and gave presents. 
All the the professors took photos with students
Professors showing their gift "天燈(Sky Lanterns)" as a symbol of "Hope"
Group photo

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