Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/22-7/26 PFI Summer Pogram - second week

During the second week, students learned more topics about inter/multiculturalism, peace education, global governance,  evaluations and ethics.
Thank you to all our Professors. Students really learned a lot from these different lecturers.
Professor Massimiliano Tarozzi's lecture

Role Play on Professor Chitra Golestani 's class.

Professor Marcella Milana's class.

Discussion on Professor Chin-Nien Yu's class.

 Group discussion and sharing on Professor Marcella Milana's class.

Professor Lauren Misiaszek's lecture

Group discussion in Professor Lauren's class
Some students went to Hammer Museum on Thursday.
Students learning about art and culture at the Hammer Museum. 

Friday, the students visited Professor Aly Juma's Happyland Preschool to learn how to teach children multicultural concepts, love and community.

 Professor Yu and students giving an appreciation card to Professor Aly.

Finally, at the end of the week, Dr. Chen-wei Chung, the coordinator of PFI summer program went back to Taiwan. To show the appreciation, students gave her a card.

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