Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter 2013 SSCE MA Colloquium(March 8)

Some Notes:
Dr. Kellner:
1.Media does not equal to entertainment. From children to Adult, all people should learn critical media literacy.
2.With a Freirean view, media study can make parents/ adults learn from the youth.
3.Democracy is important. Teacher can use media to bring democratic teaching in the classroom.
4.Although on-line education is popular, we should not forget the advantages of "traditional" face-to-face teaching.
5.It is important to make academic study combined with open resources.

Dr. Milana:
1.Both new(on-line resources) and old media(TV, radio, book......) are important. It brings adults "life of learning."
2.Media could be seemed as (1) ideas,values and norms (2) what counts as relevant (3) education/ mis-education (4) learning process
3. Media producers can also provide school chance of media learning. Teacher is the most important agent.
4.Both developed countries and developing countries can do media literacy. The key point is : How school can use and link media literacy.
5.How to use social network (facebook/ youtube)properly is important in media education, especially for youth generation.

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